r e v i s t a  do samba


b e t o  bianchi   .   acoustic guitar and voice

l e t í c i a  coura   .   voice and cavaquinho

v í t o r  da trindade   .   percussion and voice


Based in São Paulo, the r e v i s t a do samba was formed in 1999 and since then, the trio, with Letícia Coura, 
Beto Bianchi and Vitor da Trindade, is successfully performing around Brazil and abroad.
"Less is more" fits really well for this small ensemble, specialist in many of the different styles and nuances 
of samba rythms.
In Brazil the group has been performing in many different cultural or/and entertainment spaces and was also selected 
for Projeto Rumos of Instituto Itaú Cultural that identify the new tendencies for Brazilian Music.
The musicians recorded the first CD of the group, in April/May 2002, by TRAUMTON Records, 
of Berlin, produced by Wolfgang Loos. It is being distributed in Europe, USA and Japan since september 2002. 
Also in 2002 the group was selected among 500 bands from all over the world to present a showcase in 
Strictly Mundial 2003, in Marseille, France - and it is now schedulling world tours for the next 
years in countries of all continents.
The r e v i s t a do samba brings up the moment that samba became the main cultural expression of Brazilian people. 
The ensemble thrives to bring you the original Samba. Based on this idea the trio presented in their first CD, 
songs of some of the greatest composers of Brazil, like Adoniran Barbosa (Pode Apagar o Fogo, Mané), 
Ataulfo Alves, Mario Lago (Atire a Primeira Pedra), Noel Rosa (Três Apitos), Cartola, Elton Medeiros (O Sol Nascerá), 
Monsueto Menezes (Me deixa em paz), and the very first song recorded as "samba", Pelo Telefone of Donga 
and Mauro de Almeida. Most of these songs are part of each Brazilian personal history, sambas that are somehow 
familiar to every soul in Brazil, the presented sambas are part of the cultural memory of the great majority of Brazilians.

In 2005 releases its second album – “Outras Bossas”, also for the label Traumton, of Berlin. The trio has made a

beautiful collection of new and old songs for this second CD. Some as a result of their search for treasures of

Brazilian culture and, for the first time, the band presents unreleased sambas, songs of their own and of

contemporary composers. This work brings different possibilities to recall an atmosphere of Brazilian parties, in particular, the carnival, interpreting the songs on a way to build a bridge between the past, present and future of the gender.  “Outras Bossas” brings marchas, bossas, maxixes, choros and other styles, showing rhythms that are all related to the main source – the samba!

In April 2006, r e v i s t a  do samba presented the release concert of their third cd - revista bixiga oficina do samba, 
as a result of a special project that brings to the repertoire of the group, sambas of a very special neighborhood of São Paulo, 
Bixiga district. Sponsored by Petrobras the project brings together composers like Adoniran Barbosa and Paulo Vanzolini, 
the School of Samba Vai-Vai and compositions performed and composed for plays at Oficina Theater.
At the performances, the trio communicates with humor, to each other and with the audience. 
The lyrics are, in many cases, funny and happy, what is easily perceived by anyone regardless nationality. 
The melodies are light and easy to learn. By bringing some of the best Samba scores by some of the very 
best composers r e v i s t a do samba and its three members offer a fun, didactic and very enjoyable journey